Tricks and Tips for a Profitable PBN

Public blog network may be extremely efficient if built strong, updated regularly, etc. The list of things to consider while creating the network is big and can be found online. The efficiency of the system is proved by the fact that even though it became more risky to use PBNs for promotion, they are highly popular even now. People are ingenious and create tricks that help their private networks survive.

An IP Trick

After you buy expired domains with backlinks and start using them, check the domains’ IPs. They have to be different. The reason is that it’s visible that all the domains are in possession of one person or company if all of them have the same IP address. To most search engines this means that the domains are in backlinks collusion, which may lead to certain penalties and lowering the sites’ ranks.

Different IPs clear any footprints that may suggest it’s a network that you own. To make the IPs different, place every domain on a certain C Block IP or choose a PBN hosting that can supply A class IP. To explain briefly: IP consists of four blocks we always see in the number (aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd). The “ccc” part has to be different for every domain.

Tips for the Best Content

One of the most important things to remember if you want to create a profitable PBN is a high quality content. Main tips for your articles to be interesting are the following:

  • Make sure there’s no article on the Internet that is exactly the same. Even if you decided to rewrite an article, make sure it becomes unique. You can check it for non-plagiarism using online services or soft.
  • The website has to look natural, so make sure to post articles regularly, not all at once. It’s good if your blog has a tool of changing the date of publication, so you can create a post beforehand and the site will publish everything itself on the day you choose.
  • Write various articles, don’t concentrate on one topic. The content has to be diverse and interesting to read.
  • Make sure your working blog has at least 5 articles, just not to look empty.

Tips on Outbound Links

After you buy PBN domains, it’s high time that you start creating outbound links, as they are one of the main reasons for creating a private network. The scheme is the following: an expired domain with a high DA indicator has to use hyperlinks to your money website.


  • Don’t use the link in every article – only up to 25% of the content has to point on the money site. Say, if you have 5 articles on your website – only 2 of them may include the link.
  • Make sure all articles contain at least one link to another non-competitive page or an article on authoritative sites. Such sites as Wikipedia, New York Times, etc. will be the best, as Google will see that your money site is mentioned near such important sources.

An ultimate tip for every PBN: make it look natural and interesting. If you do so, nothing will prevent you from success.